Michelle Lewin, the Venezuelan fitness queen

I was born in Valencia but all my life I lived in Maracay, both in Venezuela.

Michelle Lewin, the Venezuelan fitness queen

I have lived in different cities in Europe, but since two years age I settled in Miami with my husband, Jimmy. My favorite sport is basketball and I'm a fan of the Miami Heat. I have a pet, my little black boy named Micho, is a puppy. I consider myself a perfectionist person, I always seek to improve myself. I have many defects but the biggest one I think is sleeping too much. My favorite food is pizza, but I also enjoy ceviche at a Miami restaurant.


If we add all the followers of his social networks, she reaches 10 million. Lewin's charisma and videos have led her to become the most important fitness model in Latin America and one of the most outstanding in the world.


The launch of Lab Nutrition's new sports brand, Harbinger, was the perfect excuse for the Venezuelan goddess of fitness and social media, Michelle Lewin, to visit Peru.


How do you feel about your physique?

Social networks have opened a door that allows me to connect a lot with my followers and I am extremely grateful. They love my training videos and ‘selfies’. I can show myself the way I am.


Does being natural think you inspire these people to follow in your footsteps?

Of course. It inspires them to know that they can do it, too.


At what point did you decide to start this new lifestyle?

I started at 17 years old and I did it because I was too thin. I ate a lot but never got fat. I was very self-conscious. At first I trained my legs a lot, in my first seven years of training I went three times a week just to train my legs. I got to deform my body having very big legs and not the upper part. There was no symmetry. When I started competing I trained my entire body and achieved the symmetry I was looking for. Currently I have trained about 11 or 12 years already, it is a lifestyle.


There is a photograph comparing a photo of yourself from a few years ago with a current one. How does it feel to see that?

Proud. I wanted to change my body and my confidence. I am much safer today. That is a great motivation, both for me and for others. I've gotten to a point where I want to stay, and that's the hardest part. You must have someone who says, "Hey, watch your shoulders, you're getting too big." Like anyone, I look in the mirror and say, “Oh, I'm skinny. Oh, I'm fat. " We never see what others see of you.


Who is that person?

My partner, my manager, my husband. He is the one who is in charge of scolding me all the time about what to eat or what exercise to do [laughs].



What was the most difficult part of starting this new style?

Start the diet. When I lived in Barcelona with my husband, he would buy fruits or vegetables from the market and I would run off to eat a piece of pizza. It was the most difficult because I love food. But if I want to look good, I have to follow a few rules.


In Venezuela, girls grow up with the dream of being beauty queens. Was that your case?

No, I was always very clear, I am very small [laughs]. Miss Venezuela is always looking for tall, slim and beautiful women. That was not for me. I tried casting and modeling but it was not for me. In 2008, when I met my husband, he believed in me and took me photo shoots. He insisted so much that today I am what I am thanks to him.


In that dream of being queens, many women undergo surgeries. Do you consider one necessary or is a good routine enough?

I agree that surgeries are done if it is something that makes them happy. I do not agree with buttock injections or liposuctions, that can be achieved. Sure, you can't change overnight, it requires constancy. If I did it, why not others.


In the midst of so much public exposure, what is costing you the most?

For photo shoots I am a plane, they fascinate me. But with a video camera I freeze. However, I'm practicing more and doing better [laughs].


Did you ever become obsessed with finding the body you wanted?

With telling you that when I was competing I think I was going crazy [laughs]. It was obsession, having a goal and looking perfect. Sometimes I would get up, look in the mirror, and feel fat. After five minutes it happened again and I felt very skinny. I worried and said, "What does competition matter, this is about how I feel."


Where does your nickname come from: ‘La Cuerpa’?

It is my husband's fault. When he speaks Spanish, he has problems defining gender. He told me to put a hashtag like ‘La Cuerpa’, I corrected him saying that it was wrong. But she said it sounded more feminine and insisted.


Which is the social network in which you interact the most?

The one on Instagram, which has 4.3 million followers. I also use Facebook a lot. It is difficult to answer all the people because they are so many. I do my best, but I want you to understand how difficult it is.